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RAVEL, Tombeau de Couperin, Prélude
- - April 30 2011
RAVEL, Tombeau de Couperin, Prélude

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Great success of the creation of the symphonic project David Bowie

February 2017 02

Symphonic project David Bowie, l'homme qui venait d'ailleurs, for the Festival C'est pas Classique in Nice France.

On January 10, David Robert JONES, David BOWIE, died.
It is to this immense artist that this program using a symphonic orchestra, enriched with a rhythmic rock and 4 singers, pays tribute under the direction of Paul-Emmanuel THOMAS.
Arranged and orchestrated by Fred LUZIGNANT, the 20 titles that compose this symphonic tribute are organized in 4 chapters evoking the different facets of the work of David BOWIE. Alternating planetary hits and "underground", this celebration of a singular and universal work is sublimated by the mix of orchestral timbres, offering a vibrant and moving tribute to one of the greatest contemporary musicians.

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Tour dell'Orchestra Filarmonica del Piemonte

January 2017 01

Per celebrare il capodanno con la musica, l'Orchestra Filarmonica del Piemonte ha girato l'Italia e la Francia sotto la direzione di Paul-Emmanuel Thomas in un programma di Puccini, Verdi, Strauss e Bizet.

Nouvelle production de Tosca

February 2016 10

Aux côtés de l'Orchestra Filarmonica del Piemonte, Paul-Emmanuel vient de faire ses débuts dans Tosca de Puccini dans une mise en scène d'Alfonso de Filippis avec Gabrielle Mouhlen, Emanuele Servidio, Andrea Zese ...

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